Money Back Guarantee*


Disclaimer Policy

Web hosting gives you excellent services to the client. Our 100% satisfy client are fail to use money back guarantee policy. It covers web hosting and reseller package. Our non-satisfy can apply for refund within 30 Days from the date of billing. Client who has been refunded within 90 days cannot apply for it. As per procedure ticket must be raised to billing department.
Our refundable amount less the 50% charges of web hosting and total costing of domain. Any breach of contract by client cannot apply for it. Once money is refunded our services come to an end. Web hosting are not liable of any lost of data. Any Time Money Back guarantee not apply for any offers.

Any Time Money Back Guarantee applied for

  • 1) Linux & Window Shared Web hosting
  • 2) Linux & Windows Reseller Web Hosting
Any Money Back Guarantee not applied for
  • 1) VPS Server
  • 2) Dedicated Server