Just You Workshop



JUST YOU is a two day workshop for youth (18 to 30 years) to help them Dive Deep Within to Fly High in life and be “Happily Successful”.

“Future events are unpredictable. Hence planning our future need not ensure happiness and success. However, if we are prepared for future, irrespective of the situations it throws upon us, life can be adventurous, eventful, happy and purposeful.”

It is good to hear such statements, but how do we go about preparing for our future… Are there practical tools and ways… Have any one tread the path before…

Led by Sn Shiva Rishi, who have helped many tread the path before, this two day workshop throws light on the ways and means available for us and empowers with some of the tools.

There is also opportunity for continuous learning post the event…

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Click on the download button below and send the filled registration form to letsyoga@ankurlearning.com


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What They Got To Say…



I thank the entire team for providing such a wonderful opportunity to all of us and pray that this work continues to take place through the years. Thank you! Read More…


I would like to thank the teachers of SYC for the time and effort that they have invested in developing a truly motivating and yet fun-filled camp. It would be a pleasure and a great learning experience if we were to have such camps more frequently. Read More…