Satyananda Yoga Centre (SYC)


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From a daily wager and rikshaw puller to chairman of MNCs, children studying in regular schools and special need schools, prison inmates to army personnel, slum-dwellers to corporate professionals, home makers to working women, healthy people to cancer survivors, Satyananda Yoga Centre, Triplicane, founded by Sn Shiva Rishi (NKT M Jeya Gopal) has the distinction of offering programs to all sections of the society in the flavor and manner they enjoy and benefit. Shri Jayadev Ji, founder secretary, DAV group of schools, acclaims him as the most revered yoga trainer, who has developed one of the best team of trainers in the city.

Individualised Yoga Programs for differently abled children, specialised yoga program to care for cancer patients, structured curriculum based enjoyable yoga programs for children to be offered in schools and as after school activity at dedicated centers, structured yoga programs for normal adults and those affected with various diseases are some of the tools SYC and its trainers have developed over the years under the guidance of Sn Shiva Rishi Ji. These programs have benefited thousands of individuals – children and adults.

Thus, SYC following the teachings of Satyananda Yoga or Bihar school of yoga tradition has been an inspiration to many. Ankur is one among them.

The thought of taking yoga and time-tested ancient Indian wisdom to children in a structured format, as a life-skill program, to help children grow into confident and responsible adults, is an offshoot of a discussion on the benefits of yoga during one of the yoga sessions, Balaji Gorantla – founder of Ankur attended at SYC in 2010.

The thought over the months and years developed into Jiva Vigyan (Life-SKILLS based on Indian Wisdom) program and Ankur as you see it today.

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