About Ankur

Ankur… Having its origin in Sanskrit, means a sprout and represents transformation and evolution…

Ankur provides yoga and life-skills education to children and other stake holders in the society (parents, teachers, etc.,) who form part of a child’s growing environment.

Each is born with a unique potential. An ideal education system should hone, nurture and help this potential gain full expression. The education system should cater to all aspects of one’s personality helping one to be successful. This value in Ancient Indian education system has been lost mid-way. Fortunately, education boards have awakened to this need. By enhancing the focus on yoga and life-skills education, modern education system is trying to re-establish this balance.

Ideal environment is needed for the child to emerge, grow and live a happy, purpose-filled life. All stake holders in the system – parents, teachers, educational institutions, government and society have a role in this process. Ankur caters to the growing need in this space through its Yoga and Life-Skills programs.

Ankur’s Satyananda-Yoga and Jiva Vigyan (Life-SKILL) programs

  • Are a perfect blend ofancient wisdom and modern needs…facilitating holistic growth in a joyous and experiential manner.
  • Are designed by experts having decades of collective experience, have nurtured and guided thousands of children and adults.
  • Are developed and structured keeping in view the physical, physiological, mental and psychological changes that occur through various stages in life.
  • Follow the path of personal mastery -> social mastery -> career mastery.
  • Address the Physical, Vital, Mental, Intellectual, Spiritual, Social and Career needs of an individual.

These programs are delivered through Ankur Kshetras.